Arrangements for Scool Reopening Jan 2021

I hope you have enjoyed a happy, peaceful and safe break.

I wanted to write to clarify the arrangements for the return to school given Gavin Williamson's announcement yesterday.

  • School will be open to staff only on Monday 4th January. This will allow us to carry out key strategic planning around the testing programme we have been asked to roll out. We will also be organising provision for students who are in school and ensuring that remote learning is in place for other students. The government has suggested that Yll and Y13 are prioritised in terms of remote learning in that first week back to school. Whilst we will do that, it will be our aim to have work available for all year groups as part of our blended learning package. I know that home learning is not always My best advice is that students are encouraged to follow their normal timetables, accessing the work for the lesson via the Google Classroom. We have provided advice, which can be found here.
  • From Tuesday 5th January, we will be open to students who are the children of critical workers and those who are vulnerable. We would ask that this provision is booked please so that we can appropriately staff this and ensure that we know who is expected on-site on any given day. If you have not already done so, please complete the attached survey if your children} is eligible for a place in school. We ask that students come to school in uniform so that we maintain as much normality as possible. Students will remain in their year group bubbles.
  • From Monday 11th January, school will re-open to students in Yll and Y13
  • From Monday 18th January, school will re-open to all other students

We are working hard to plan for the safe and effective roll out of a testing programme in school. We will let you know more information about this early next week. This will include sharing with you information about the process and the appropriate consent forms.

We do understand that this uncertainty and change is very difficult to manage. Please continue to communicate with us and let us know of any concerns or difficulties so that we can help as much as we can.

Best wishes for a happy and safe 2021