End of a Week of Remote Learning

I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you at the end of a week of Remote Learning. We would like to thank you for all the support that you are giving to our students at this time. It is very much appreciated.

Over this last week, we have been formalising what our remote learning offer is so that our expectations are clear. We have produced this policy document which you can access by clicking the blue text here. This will go on our website next week with a single page summary which students may find more accessible. The summary can be found by clicking on the blue text here

During this week, we have been taking feedback from students, parents and staff. Students are telling us that they are enjoying the more mixed approach and that they particularly enjoy the recorded lessons and the live lessons. On the whole, student engagement is good and we have now ensured that most students without technology have got chrome books. We are finding that the approach of following the normal school day through is helping everyone, and giving a significant degree of structure. If you can encourage your child to be logged on at 9 and to follow the day through, this seems to be when learning and well-being is most effective.

We are hearing that some students are finding the volume of work set too much. I have asked staff to consider student well-being and to ensure that we are not setting too much or getting our timings wrong. As a parent, please feel that you can reassure students that they should try their best to complete the work set, but if this is not possible they should not worry. Please do continue to let us know of any concerns and also encourage students to let their teachers know if there is an issue with the work. Over the next few weeks, Mr Chapman who is Assistant Head in charge of Remote Learning will be sharing with students tips on how to best use the Google Classroom. We all understand how hard remote learning can be and also the demands of so much screen time.

If your child is unable to do the work because they are ill, or there is a personal reason why they are unable to engage with work on a given day, please do email us using the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address and make us aware of this. We can then make sure that information is shared with class and form teachers so that any lack of work is not seen as disengagement.

We are acutely aware that Lockdown can be extremely difficult for everyone and for young people it can be very hard to manage the change in routine and loss of social contact. We have asked all form tutors to hold a live form period with their form at least once a week and to aim to check in regularly with their form where they can. We have also asked that Heads of Year use their Pastoral Google Classroom to share information with students about appropriate support networks and advice.

Please do stay in touch and feel that you can contact us at any time. Have a safe and restful weekend.

Take Care

Liz Wood