Government Guidance on Face Masks

You will have heard that the Government has amended its guidance to schools on the wearing of face masks.  From Monday 17th May, students will no longer be asked to wear face coverings in classrooms or in communal areas, though of course they can continue to do this if they wish. 

Can we take this opportunity to thank you and the students for the way in which we have all coped with this difficult period.  On the whole students have been exceptionally mature and compliant about the wearing of face coverings and have understood the rationale behind it.  We are pleased to be moving back to a more normal way of life and hope that this is another step in our journey of getting things generally back to normal at school.  We would ask that members of our school community continue to follow all other measures that reduce risk such as good hand hygiene and testing.  As always, anyone with symptoms should not attend school.