Year 11 End of Term

As we come to the end of the assessment period for Year 11 students we would like to take this opportunity to thank you and our students.  Whilst it has not been a normal exam series, it has undoubtedly brought its own challenges and we have been impressed by the determination and resilience of our students.

There is no doubt that students have had an unsettled key stage 4 with 2 significant periods of Lockdown.  Even when we have been in school, things have been far from “normal” with some of the valuable school experiences much less accessible than in previous years.  As we approach the “ending” for Year 11, we have thought a lot about how we can try and address some of these gaps and put back some opportunities to be together as a year group and make fun memories.  We have always said that we are not an exam factory and, for us, it is just as important that we provide students with the skills, experiences and confidence to prepare for the next stages in their lives.

Given this, we have decided to provide Year 11 with the following end of year package:

Friday 28th May: Last day of formal lessons.  Students will receive their hoodies.

Monday 7th June- Friday 11th June:  There will be a focus on the transition to the next phase in education and training.  Students will be offered provision matched to their destination choice or designed to help them decide where to go next.  During this period, students will be in non-uniform.

Transition provision will be

  1. Sixth Form Provision: For those students who have opted to stay at Sprowston or take academic level 3 courses.  This will include:  Taster lessons; study skills; sixth form induction and team building.  Students will have an opportunity to be based in our sixth form block and experience life as a sixth form student.
  2. Employability and Life Skills: This broader offer will be aimed at students who have opted for more vocational courses at other providers.  Students will be able to access any transition resources offered by their chosen provider whilst also having access to courses on:
    • Barclays Life Skills
    • NCFC Prepare Programme
    • KPMG Employability course
    • Level 1 Food Hygiene course

Monday 14th-16th June: Making Memories

These 3 days recognise the fact that this year group have had less time together and have missed things like Sports Days, Trips and End of Term celebrations.  Whilst we have the Prom as a formal goodbye, we also wanted to give students back some time to have fun together as a year group and build memories.  These 3 days will include a Sports Day and a year group garden party.

During this period we will be treating all students as young adults making the next step in their lives.  We very much want this to be a positive and purposeful end to their time in the main school and an effective stepping stone to what follows. 

For those students that have applied for a Sixth Form place at Sprowston Community Academy, Miss Woolton will be in contact shortly to book their taster sessions. If they have a Post 16 place at a different provider, we would be grateful if you could complete and submit the following Google Form here.

Thank you again for all the support you have given us.  It has been very much appreciated and we look forward to seeing you at the Prom.