At Sprowston Community Academy we believe good attendance is vital for students to progress well with their studies. There is a clear link between how well a student has attended and the grades that they gain at the end of year 11, or the end year 13.

We know that parents will make every effort to ensure students are in school, that they arrive on time and are ready to achieve. However, we are aware that there are times when students will not be able to attend, to allow us to get the required information quickly the following pathways to inform us of the absence are in place.

Contacting the school when students are absent 

  1. Telephone us (leave a message on our answerphone) – 01603 485266 (Option 2 for main school, Option 1 for Sixth form)
  2. Text us01603 340390
  3. Email usThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To make sure that school can contact parents, we advise parents of our pupils to save the school number to their mobile phones. School may have to contact you urgently and by doing so parents will know who is calling them.

Our intention is to improve attendance for all students at Sprowston Community Academy and our procedures to help promote good attendance and support any student who is showing a declining attendance are clear and simple to follow.

Promoting good attendance programme – Achievement points for attendance

We reward excellent attendance with achievement points through individual and form-based challenges.

The individual challenge, students can earn achievement points during a two-week challenge window. Any student with 100% attendance for the two-week period will earn an achievement point. This challenge will happen every two weeks; students can earn an achievement point per fortnight for 100% during that two weeks.

The form challenge is an ongoing target set at 96% attendance for the whole form over a two-week period. Should the form reach this target the whole form will be rewarded with achievement points.

Absence Line

01603 485266 and pressing Option 2