Celebrating Success & Rewards

At SCA we want every opportunity to praise students for excellent effort, achievement and attitudes to learning to be seized. Everybody feels motivated by encouragement and praise. We have developed with the support of the student leadership ‘Active Citizens’ the following approach, using their ideas and opinions on how as a school we reward, praise and celebrate.

Rewarding Positive Approaches to Learning

Verbal Praise

Staff "catch" students showing positive attitudes to learning and use verbal praise to acknowledge this and to model to all students examples of positive attitudes, this may take place in classrooms or in public forums such as assemblies.

Written Praise

Sprowston Community Academy operates a Marking policy which gives opportunities for teachers and support staff to recognise positive work.

Star of the Week

Teachers and support staff are encouraged to nominate stars of the week. This allows staff to recognise work or attitudes that are of particular high quality. This leads to recognition on the school website and entry into a prize draw.

Achievement Points

Staff are encouraged to identify and reward positive attitudes to learning in lessons. This leads to a “Green Card” being awarded which is added to the SIMS system as an achievement point. Achievement Points are recorded on school reports and form the basis of bronze, silver and gold certificates of achievement.

Approach to Learning Scores

At all tracking points, staff are asked to identify Approach to Learning (ATL) scores for young people. This is evidenced on the school report for individual subjects and an overall average is given. Heads of Year use the ATL average score as a way of rewarding the top scores in the year group and the most improved scores. ATL scores can also be used for inter-form competitions. On at least a bi-annual basis, the top ATL scores across the whole school are celebrated.

Academic Success Awards (ASAs)

At every tracking point, staff are encouraged to nominate students who have particular high levels of attitude or achievement. This is recorded on a roll of honour and via the school website.

Year Group Celebration Assemblies

At Christmas and in the Summer, year groups hold celebration assemblies in which students are nominated for positive attitudes to learning and achievement in different subjects.

Star of the Week

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