"Sprowston Community Academy is an inclusive learning environment where high expectations and positive relationships underpin a dual focus on academic progress and personal development"

Students in all key stages follow a curriculum which is broad, balanced and designed to meet their needs. There is a clear rationale that the curriculum should allow our students to develop the knowledge, understanding and cultural capital to make sense of the world they live in. We believe that knowledge sticks to knowledge and that exposure to carefully sequenced information and key concepts will allow students to develop into inquisitive and analytical thinkers who can apply key concepts across a variety of contexts. We believe that this process of discovery and building blocks of knowledge can promote the love of learning and sense of awe and wonder that will make students lifelong learners.

Whilst there is a clear focus on academic outcomes, there is a strong moral imperative that our curriculum must create strong, independent citizens who can ask important questions and critically assess the information they receive. In this context, skills such as literacy and numeracy, evaluation and communication skills, hold value alongside knowledge. Promoting the personal development of our students is a key driver of our curriculum design which maintains a significant focus on the explicit provision of PSHE, Religious Studies, SMSC and extensive extra-curricular opportunities. Through our curriculum, students develop the knowledge and understanding that allow them to keep themselves safe and demonstrate the values that will make them strong citizens.

It is our belief, that the curriculum should be as broad as possible for as long as possible. We value our students as individuals with different skills and talents. We want them to experience a full range of subjects so that they can make informed decisions about areas of specialism as they progress through the school. Equal weight is placed on practical, creative and vocational pathways because we recognise the place these skills have in the modern world and the part they can play in inspiring and motivating learners be the best version of themselves.

We believe that our curriculum must prepare our students for life in modern Britain. The labour market is competitive and dynamic and there is a clear need for our curriculum offer to prepare students for the opportunities and challenges this will bring. Again, the formal taught curriculum dovetails with extra-curricular opportunities to provide opportunities for our students to make themselves stand out. In this context, we are clear that our curriculum and its delivery must counterbalance some of the barriers created by social disadvantage and allow all students to thrive.

Key Stage 3

‘The Foundation curriculum’ for Year 7 and 8 is designed to offer the building blocks for knowledge and skills in a range of subjects

Year 7 Curriculum Maps Year 8 Curriculum Maps

In Year 9 this continues, but with a sharpened focus upon future aspirations and careers and alongside the choices for specialisation through the options process for GCSE.

Year 9 Curriculum Maps

Key stage 3 Curriculum intent includes –

  • Development of subject specific skills, knowledge and understating
  • Literacy and Numeracy acceleration
  • Instilling core Learning Habits and values
  • Broad academic experience and wide range of foundation subjects
  • Contemporary issues for the modern world
  • Stretch and challenge for all
  • Preparing students for the next stage – options, GCSEs, further education, careers
  • Broad extracurricular experiences
  • See subject specific curriculum intent

This ‘Specialised Curriculum’ is completed throughout Year 10 and 11, with students opting for 3 additional GCSEs and/or alternative equivalent courses running alongside a core curriculum that includes English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Combined/Triple Science GCSE, as well as Core PE and Personal Development. All students have the opportunity to achieve the eBacc qualification.

We offer a wide range of academic and applied subjects. Students receive three options choices including the
opportunity to undertake the EBacc and development of subject specific skills, knowledge and understanding

  • Broad academic experience and wide range of foundation subjects
  • Continued focus on the importance of literacy and numeracy
  • Continuing to instill and develop core Learning Habits and values
  • Personal development focus on relevant issues via our PD/SMSC Programme
  • Focus on successful learning and the impact of this – memory, practice, revision, exam technique,
  • Stretch and challenge for all, preparing students for the next stage in their education or careers
  • Broad extra curricular experiences