Year 9 GCSE Options

Up until now the choices about what you will study have been made for you, but when you choose your GCSE subjects you will take control. The subjects you choose and how you perform in those subjects will have a direct and lasting impact on your future.

Choosing the right subjects is all about getting accurate and up-to-date knowledge and planning ahead. You only get one chance at this, so it’s worth the effort to ensure that you get it right.

Options Evening

This year we are not having an onsite options evening for safety reasons and therefore have created a virtual evening where students and guardians can browse the subjects and listen to short videos describing the course and what they can gain from studying it.


The following pointers are worth considering before your start:


  • Pick the subjects which you enjoy: Nearly everyone performs better in subjects that they enjoy, pick wisely and use this to your advantage.
  • Plan for the future: Many career, training and further educational opportunities have specific entry requirements. If you have a future course in mind, ensure that you are covering the requirements:
  • If you are unsure, opt for a broad range of subjects to give you a good base.
  • Talk to us: Your teachers will be able to offer you reliable advice on whether or not you are suited to certain subjects and what future opportunities the different subjects will open up.
  • Talk to your family: They know you better than anyone else and can offer real life advice; even if they don’t know the answers, they may know where you can find them.


  • Try to guess: If you end up studying subjects that are not for you, you will stand less chance of success, gather as much knowledge as you can before deciding.
  • Follow the crowd: Just because a subject is right for your friends, that does not make it right for you, you won’t end up in the same career as them, so don’t follow their path.
  • Pick a subject because you like the teacher: Teachers change, your GCSE’s won’t, you will not be able to select who teaches you.
  • Go for the easy ones: GCSE are recognised across the world for their rigour, there simply are not any easy options to choose, there will however be some that are better suited to your strengths.
  • Pick the Boy/Girl subjects: There is no such thing as boy or girl subjects, all subjects are of equal worth regardless of your gender.