Homework & Knowledge Organisers

Homework Guidelines

From September 2019 we have a new Common Framework for Homework. The Homework at Sprowston Community Academy document explains the importance of work set outside of the classroom, and it gives a clear framework for the setting, presentation and purpose of homework. There is an outline of what to expect from each subject area, how often homework is to be set, and who is responsible for making sure work is completed. A transparent set of sanctions for not completing homework is also included.

Homework at SCA Booklet Student Intranet

Knowledge Organisers are available for a range of subjects and year groups offering the crucial knowledge, facts and key information on a certain topic. These are easy to use due to their layout and designed to support students with homework and revision/preparing for tests and exams. The expectation is that this will be the minimum knowledge and understanding that students are able to recall and retrieve effectively. The Knowledge Organisers are available on the Student Intranet and hard copies are often shared with students as well, by class teachers.

For advice on how to actually use knowledge organisers effectively the following link offers some useful advice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUiq45U57pY&scrlybrkr=8716a5cf