Pupil Premium


'Pupil Premium' is additional funding provided to schools by the Government for some groups of students. The Government sets the amount of funding provided to each school based on the number of disadvantaged students registered. Each registered student is funded  at £935.00 which is given to the school to use at its own discretion.

At Sprowston Community Academy we use the funding provided in a variety of ways to ensure that we support students’ academic studies and also their social and emotional wellbeing.

With strong links with local companies and organisations such as KLM, BRITVIC, Norwich City Football Club, Royal Horticultural Society, Community Sports Foundation, Easton College and the UEA we are able to offer our disadvantaged students alternative learning experiences, projects and trips to raise their aspirations.

Impact Report

The pupil premium impact report details the Number of pupils and PPG received and the performance of those pupils.

PP Impact Report

Who is Eligible for Funding?

There are many reasons why your child may be eligible for 'Pupil Premium' but it is only those who are registered through one of the following areas which are funded via the Government. The main four reasons why students are registered are the following:

  • Any student who has registered for Free School Meals in the past six years ('Forever 6').
  • Looked after children (children in care and adopted children).
  • Children from Armed Forces families.
  • Family yearly income under £16,000.


We are committed to the attainment and achievement of all students. However we recognise that some students are potentially more vulnerable than others and for this reason we are keen that the additional funds that we have been allocated are used strategically and pro-actively to narrow any gaps in achievement that may exist.

The Department for Education makes it clear that the total of Pupil Premium funding received by the school should be used to support these students as a whole.

We use the funding provided in a variety of ways to ensure that we support students’ academic studies and also their social and emotional wellbeing. Some of the key areas the funding is used for are:

  • Employing high quality staff
  • Additional numeracy and literacy support in lessons
  • Creating a good learning environment
  • Purchasing stationery, equipment and resources within school
  • Funding special events within school
  • Support with school uniform
  • Financial support for trips

What if I need some form of financial help?

We will try to support you as much as possible, so please call the school to speak with Lynda Norman to seek advice and guidance. The school has set policies in place in regard to financial assistance. So depending on the request itself we will determine what support we are able to offer. (Please note that the school is not always able to provide financial assistance and your request may not be accepted).

Any financial help we do provide will require your part of the payment to be made in full, prior to us funding the outstanding amount. Any trips/events that require a deposit will not be funded via the school. If circumstances change and your son/daughter no longer is able to attend the trip/event your deposit is non-refundable.

Financial assistance is not always available and can be rejected based on the individual case and circumstances.