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How to revise for maths

It’s very simple really (*)... :

You need to be 1) doing maths questions and 2) taking action on those you cannot do

1) Consider the three links given. They are all full of maths questions and the answers. You may choose to use a revision guide workbook (on sale from the maths department). There are of course alternative websites, eg BBC Bitesize.

DECISION The key is to make a decision about which one you are going to use to start with, ie which suits you best. Make sure it is easily available to you.

AVOID: just taking notes or reading through a revision guide – you must attempt questions.

A MUST: at some point you should do the practice papers preferably timed (1.5 hours), not looking at the mark scheme until you have finished.

2) ACTION This is not easy but is vital (actually a lot of students simply leave the topics they can’t do – a big mistake)

  • MyMaths has ‘Lessons’ for you to use with the topics you have difficulty PiXL has Therapy videos and Powerpoints
  • Ask a family member of friend
  • Bring it into school and ask your teacher

(*) Of course 1) and 2) are straight forward ideas but they are not easy to carry through effectively

Maths Revision Practice Test Set 5

Maths Revision Practice Test Set 6

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