In school students have opportunities to discuss issues that are related to them and the world around them. SMSC issues are often discussed in lessons and each week there is also dedicated time within form group sessions for deeper discussion to be explored.

At SCHS we nurture a student experience that promotes core values and aim to prevent any form of prejudice or discriminatory behaviour. At SCHS equality and compassion are celebrated and we work together to form a united community that does not tolerate injustice.

SPIRITUAL – Expression, beliefs, values, accepting others perspectives, contemplation, reflection… 

MORAL – Fairness & Justice, ethical issues, knowing and successfully applying right from wrong…

SOCIAL – Relationships, co-operation, resolving conflict effectively, being part of a community…

CULTURAL – Diversity, understanding, accepting, celebrating, learning about others experiences…

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose"


Our school is a place that inspires and engages young minds. Our school believes in democracy and the laws of the country, where every individual has a voice that is heard and respected, no matter what their faith or belief. Our school values discussion, debate and learning from others. Our school believes that division belongs in mathematics, not the classroom. There is no place for extremism in our school.

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