Extra Curricular

Many subjects offer extra-curricular involvement such as educational visits, seminars, competitions and lectures which enrich the subject experience and often contribute to decisions to continue studies at degree level.

The student social experience is lively and spans the whole year from parties to the formal Summer Ball and Leavers events. Sixth Form students have dedicated study and social space available during the Sixth Form day. The experience, both academically and socially, of studying in the Sixth Form is very much a steppingstone between formal and independent study. 

The relationship with teaching and pastoral staff is very different to that of Year 11, students often describe it as ‘more informal teaching’ but this stems from the fact that Sixth Form students have greater responsibility for their own learning, and are encouraged to engage with concepts and skills and apply knowledge in a very mature way.

Community Involvement

The Sixth Form plays a vital role leading the student body of the whole school. We encourage involvement in the school and local community through charity events, sport, creative arts and student leadership. 

Sixth Form students chair the student council as well as assisting in the organisation of charity events and other committees. We aim to have active Sixth Form leaders who meet regularly and contribute to the whole school as well as Sixth Form development. In-class support, paired reading, the allotment project and peer mentoring all give valuable experiences and the opportunity to ‘give something back’ which many of our Sixth Form students aspire to do. 

Enrichment Opportunities

Sprowston students have a wide range of enrichment opportunities available to them. All students can complete their National Citizen Service (NCS) qualification. To pass they need to attend a residential, participate in on-site training and complete a community action project. Students that complete NCS get an awards ceremony at Carrow Road to celebrate their success. NCS is a UCAS recognised programme that is also a great addition to their CV. 

Other enrichment opportunities include workshops on key skills such as first aid training, sign language, employability skills, wellbeing and relaxation, life skills, food on a budget, computer skills, Young Enterprise Project, volunteering and the SCA mentoring scheme. Students are also supported through the UCAS and job application process with tailored workshops and visits to universities. We do provide opportunities for work experience or work shadowing to give students additional experience and skills.